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Protective mask
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Does PVC have higher hardness mechanical properties?

2020-07-16 H:12:50

     PVC has higher hardness mechanical properties? Dongguan Shengyao-Protective Mask Goggles Manufacturer Xiaobian He said that the use of PVC sheets can only achieve the purpose of increasing production efficiency, but also has the characteristics of improving land utilization, saving costs, giving full play to mechanical efficiency.

       1. What are the 4 major properties of PVC sheet:

      (1) Mechanical properties:

       PVC has higher hardness mechanical properties, which can increase with the increase of molecular weight, decrease with the increase of temperature. The mechanical properties of rigid PVC are much better than those of soft PVC.

      (2) Thermal performance:

       PVC has poor heat resistance stability. It starts to decompose at 140°C, its melting temperature is 160°C. PVC has a small linear expansion coefficient is flame retardant.

      (3) Electrical performance:

       PVC is a polymer with better electrical properties. Due to its greater polarity, its electrical insulation is as good as PP PE boards.

Transparency film

     (4) Environmental performance:

       PVC is resistant to acid, alkali, salt other organic solvents, is more suitable for use as anticorrosive materials in medicine chemicals.

      2. PVC sheet waterproof membrane is a kind of sheet commonly used in people's daily life. The plastic sheet production line of PVC sheet uses plastic as the main raw material to produce plastic sheet production line equipment. Its raw materials include pvc, PP, PE, PC, etc. . Transparent mask