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How is pvc film applied in the motor?

2020-07-13 H:30:10

      How is pvc film applied in motors? Dongguan Shengyao-Protective masks goggles manufacturers to share with you:

   The role of pvc film is to isolate the live parts with different potentials in electrical equipment. Therefore, the insulating material should first have a higher insulation voltage pressure resistance, can avoid leakage, breakdown other accidents. Secondly, heat resistance should be good to avoid aging deterioration due to long-term overheating: in addition, it should have good thermal conductivity, moisture resistance lightning resistance, high mechanical strength, convenient processing. Transparent surface

Color transparent matte

  How about the use of pvc film? Among them, DuPont's EM film is mainly used in motors, mainly used in motor insulation grooves. When producing, the film is made into a U-shaped shape inserted into the U-shaped groove of the rotor. Because of the force required to enter the groove, when choosing a pvc film, only the technical requirements of the film itself must be considered, but also the flexibility of the product must be required in the choice of thickness.

  EM film, also known as motor film, is mainly used for the insulation of motors generators, but also for the insulation of wires cables. The common thickness of EM film is 75-350UM, the width is 1000MM, the color is milky white. EM film has passed UL certification. It has good mechanical properties electrical insulation properties, good heat resistance, a certain matting effect, excellent processing performance. While meeting technical production requirements, it also greatly reduces production costs improves Corporate profits.