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Protective mask
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Why do some PVC products have whitening problems?

2020-07-24 H:45:41

We encounter many PVC products in our lives, but we occasionally find that our PVC products will have whitening problems. Of course, if this happens occasionally, it will definitely make our users feel that the quality of the product is problematic!

       Especially the products that meet our soft products are more powerful than our general hard products! So why do our products have these changes? Does these changes mean that our products have quality problems? The editor of Dongguan Shengyao Plastic Products Co., Ltd.-PVC plastic film manufacturer introduces:

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    Let’s answer one by one. First, let’s start with the reasons for its formation. I believe that the whitening phenomenon of our products is caused by water. The water intrusion becomes white. This is mainly because our PVC products are in contact with water for a long time because the chemical formula is in place, which causes the plasticizers stabilizers to penetrate the products. After it comes out, chemically reacts with water, this kind of bleaching phenomenon will naturally form on its surface. Once this kind of bleaching phenomenon is said to be formed, even if our intrusive water is gone, the way is to use plasticizers The stabilizer will be compatible to produce a chemical reaction become transparent.

    What we can know is that bleaching is only an occasional chemical formula moisture problem, just fine-tuning it! These phenomena are only occasional problems that new manufacturers may have. In fact, it cannot be said that the product has quality problems. For the chemistry of these agents, it can only be said that the specified range categories are understandable!

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