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Protective mask
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What are the characteristics of Dongguan PVC film?

2020-07-10 H:35:00

Its main components are polyvinyl chloride thermoplastic polyurethane resin. Dongguan PVC film is a high-quality plastic composite material with smooth bright surface, no cracks, no bubbles, uniform color. It has the characteristics of resistance to strong acid, alkali, heavy pressure, tensile strength, anti-aging, anti-static, etc. PVC is added with impact modifier organotin stabilizer, which is mixed, plasticized calendered to become a transparent sheet. Today, our Dongguan Shengyao Plastic Products Co., Ltd. will talk about the characteristics of Dongguan PVC film?


PVC plastic

1. Good transparency, good surface gloss, bright color, few crystal points bubbles, strong resistance to impact, chemical resistance easy processing forming;

2. It has good vacuum formability, sturdiness, strong folding toughness, no whitening, good printing flatness, resistance to tortuosity;

3. Adopting special formula advanced technology to produce cold-resistant -20℃ super-impact hard film, which is suitable for the packaging of heavy products exported to European American countries

4. Special requirements such as cold resistance, flame retardant, anti-ultraviolet, anti-static, etc. can be given to the product according to customer requirements

5. Storage should avoid sunlight rain, avoid close oily dusty environment.

Dongguan Shengyao Plastic Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters. It is a professional manufacturer of protective masks, transparent masks, PVC, PP, PET, PS film goggles. The products are widely used in blister packaging. , Offset printing, window paste, folding boxes, hardware, toys, magnetic cards, playing card production, billboards, helmets, electronic insulation other industries, can provide customers with 17% value-added tax invoices. The company has two PVC production lines, the thinnest can produce 0.1MM, the thickest can produce 1.0MM; the PS production line has four sets, the thinnest can produce 0.2MM, the thickest can produce 2.50MM; the PP production line can produce two, the thinnest can produce 0.14 MM, the thickest production 2.0MM; two PET production lines, the thinnest can produce 0.12MM, the thickest production 2.0MM, the company's annual output value exceeds 100 million yuan.