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Protective mask
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Is PVC sheet a new type of engineering construction material?

2020-07-02 H:20:04

Is PVC sheet a new type of engineering construction material? Dongguan Shengyao-Protective masks goggles manufacturers answer for everyone: 

  PVC sheet soft material When PVC is mixed, a suitable amount of foaming agent is used to make a sheet, which is foamed extruded into foam plastic, which can be used as foam plastic sandals, sandals, sports insoles, shock-proof cushioning packaging materials. The extruder can also be used to basically form low-foaming hard PVC boards profiles, which can replace wood. It is a new type of engineering construction material.


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The use of pvc sheet is very diversified, it can be used to manufacture: pvc card; transparent mask; pvc OEM; pvc iron wire; pvc gauze curtain; pvc coated welded wire mesh; pvc foam material, pvc decoration ceiling, pvc plastic water pipes, pvc footing wires, etc. line pipes, cable insulation layers, plastic doors windows, packaging bags, etc. So, how do we distinguish the quality of pvc sheet? The answer is yes.

  Stabilizers, lubricants fillers are added to PVC. After mixing, the PVC sheet extruder can extrude various specifications of rigid pipes, special-shaped pipes, corrugated pipes, which can be used as sewer pipes, domestic water pipes, Cable casing stair guardrail.