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Do you know the top ten deep processing problems of PVC printing film?

2020-05-16 H:44:54

   Today, I will summarize the top ten problems in the deep processing of PVC printing film: There will be many problems in the deep processing of glass in PVC printing film. Let us summarize it for everyone's reference.



1. Heat preservation time: The heat preservation time is short, the bonding components in the PVC printed film do fully react with the glass, which is prone to degumming; the longer the heat preservation time, the stronger the adhesion; the length of the heat preservation time should be determined according to the characteristics of the equipment . The holding time of single-layer furnace is short, the holding time of double-layer multi-layer furnace is long. For thick glass, thick decorative materials, thick PVC printing film color pet film, the holding time should be appropriately extended.

     2. Increase the processing temperature: The processing temperature should be appropriately increased for thick glass, thick decorative materials, thick PVC printing film, color PVC printing film, multi-layer furnace.

     3. Extend the heat preservation time: When the temperature reaches the processing requirements, the heat preservation time should be appropriately extended for the thickness of the glass, the thickness of the decorative material, the thickness of the PVC printing film, the color PVC printing film. The purpose is to make the binder in the PVC printing film fully the glass A bonding reaction occurs.

     Fourth, the temperature in the furnace is uneven: the glass is heated unevenly, which affects the adhesion causes degumming fogging.

     5. Glass surface temperature hot air temperature (temperature measurement point): The temperature at the temperature measurement point outside the silica gel bag is called hot air temperature. Although the temperature in the furnace meets the requirements, the temperature inside the bag is still very low cannot meet the processing requirements , It is necessary to extend the heat preservation time as much as possible, so that the temperature in the bag meets the process requirements the bonding reaction occurs sufficiently to avoid degumming; if the temperature measurement point is called the glass surface temperature in the silica gel bag, it is easy to control the temperature heat preservation time.

     6. Too high temperature: ①The amount of glue flowing out is large, the amount of glue on the edge is small, which is easy to degumming produce bubbles; ②It is easy to appear lanes chicken paw prints.

     Seven, the temperature is too low: the adhesive in the PVC printing film can fully react with the glass, it is easy to cause degumming. Because the heating speed of each furnace is different, the space size is different, the thickness of the glass, decoration materials, the PVC printing film used are different, the temperature measurement points are different, so the processing temperature should be too rigid. The temperature should flow out a little after the PVC printing film melts, but too much. Many (the thickness of spilled glue is about 2mm).

     8. Single-layer processing furnace multi-layer processing furnace: The single-layer furnace heats up quickly has a short holding time; the multi-layer furnace heats up slowly has a long holding time. During production, the processing technology should be explored adjusted according to the characteristics of its own equipment.

     9. Tempered laminated glass: According to the level of glass tempering, customers should choose how thick the PVC printing film to use to compensate for the unevenness of the glass. When combining the pieces, try to choose the curved surface to be smooth, to face each other.