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Protective mask
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Why does the bubble appear after the pvc product is processed?

2020-07-06 H:24:26

PVC material is one of the most widely used materials. We can see PVC in our daily life; it can be used to make neon lights, wire products, door window accessories, auto accessories, which are common in our daily lives, there are Wallpaper, furniture, floor, etc. are basically covered in life! But no matter how good the product is, there may be problems, we should also have a solution to the causes such as bubbles in PVC products. Next, our Dongguan Shengyao-PVC plastic film, protective mask, goggles manufacturer Xiaobian will slowly analyze why PVC bubbles are caused! Transparent mask

the point of view of material production process, pvc is an amorphous material, which has some shortcomings in itself, so additives such as stabilizers, lubricants, auxiliary processing agents are added in the actual production. Only these steps can be achieved after injection molding, so we need to see if the ingredients are reasonable if there is a problem with the batch of our products. Then we will talk about how to troubleshoot material problems.

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1. Moisture

In the production process, if our high-mixed hot air is exhausted smoothly, moisture other polymers can be exhausted can cause such problems.

2. Vacuum

It often happens that the vacuum is enough, the water other polymer volatiles cannot be discharged.

3. Raw materials

When the raw material resin is affected by damp, it will also cause a bubble reaction. Solution Use professional tools to check whether the material parameters exceed the standard.

We may encounter some weird problems in our actual production sites, we must be responsible for our products consumers.