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Detailed introduction of PVC plastic suction sheet!

2020-05-16 H:22:53

    What is PVC plastic absorbing sheet? It is definitely known to people outside the industry, but as long as the material of the advertising cover is mentioned, I believe everyone will have an intention. Yes, it is precisely because the price of advertising material such as pvc film is cheap. the products produced look very visually impactful. For example, the outer packaging of many products in our daily life are made of pvc film material. At this point, I believe everyone has a shallow layer about what pvc film is. Know it again.

   In order for everyone to have a deeper understanding of what pvc film is, I will send you an introduction in this topic.

     PVC film is the most widely used screen printing offset printing combined with printing effects. The PVC film industry needs to be commonly used for book covers back covers, album covers, product catalogs introductions, product manual covers, product brochures, posters, packaging soft hard Box craft box so on. UV partial high gloss oil is a kind of high-gloss UV transparent oil. The PVC film is used on the offset printing parts with matte surface, the UV gloss oil is printed on certain text patterns that need to be emphasized to make it locally on the drawing surface. The contrast between bright dull, make the printed products achieve a richer beautiful effect. In many cases, a matte film is applied to the printed product, then the UV partial highlight is screen-printed. For PVC film companies, the contrast effect of the matte is more obvious. BOpet biaxially stretched film production process, clear fog-free, reverse printing shows true colors, independent of thickness LED/LCD, window special effect, even if the film is very thick, still guarantee the second printing, our PVC film products need to be printed It is easy to print, no surface pretreatment is required, traditional inks can be suitable for complex graphic designs provide unlimited screen printing effects.

Black pvc film

        Thermal stability can withstand repeated heating drying. Pvc film needs to be designed with optimal precision dimensions to withstand 130°C, then adopt a temperature of 80°C, so it can be close to the light source without worry. A variety of textures of PVC film companies wear-resistant anti-reflective textures to prevent scratches, scratches over-brightness. It is a distributor wholesale company of PVC, PET, PC, transparent film, matte film, sub-white film, sub-black film other products. Professional distribution production of PVC hard film, new environmentally friendly materials PET sheet/sheet, PVC sheet/sheet, PVC plastic material, PC film, PP sheet, PET plastic material other series of packaging materials. Products are widely used in hardware tools, Electronic products, fishing gear, cosmetics, toys, stationery products, helmets, panels, signs, cards, handicrafts, musical instruments, water treatment, etc. various blister/folding box packaging fields, printing decoration fields, pharmaceutical food packaging fields.

   Another professional production processing: PVC sheet, PVC nameplate, PVC foot pad, PVC transparent pad, PC insulation gasket, PC, PVC sign, PC meson, PVC gasket, PVC punching, PVC sheet so on. Our company can produce 200-350mm outer diameter 2.0-3.5mm inner diameter. Our company also produces insulating gaskets of other materials, such as insulating plastic mesh type, with excellent insulation, strong adhesion easy to peel off. Such as: plastic speaker net, pvc speaker net, pc speaker net, pet speaker net, pvc insulation sheet, pc insulation sheet, pet insulation sheet, charger insulation sheet, motor insulation sheet, power switch insulation sheet other insulating materials. Its characteristics: flame resistance, pressure resistance cold resistance. Applicable to various industries such as electronics electro-acoustics. Complete specifications, preferential prices, welcome to call to discuss, free proofing, can be shaped.

   The above is the editor's detailed introduction about what kind of material is pvc film. If you want to know more details about PVC film, please continue to pay attention to this website.