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What are the color toning methods color composition of PVC sheet?

2020-06-29 H:51:47

The coloring method of polyvinyl (pvc) blister sheet is generally divided into two main methods, one is sizing the other is acquisition. But no matter what kind of coloring method, its basic principle is carried out under the basic effect of the three primary colors, but we can't just copy the color table for the color mixing technique, because of the various color paste color paddle companies. The colors provided usually have a certain difference. For example, if you copy the matching method on the Pantone color chart comparison table, the color tones you can mix may be much different the color chart comparison table. Dongguan Shengyao-Protective mask, transparent mask manufacturer to share with you:

Since the color, chroma, contrast of the color paste manufactured by each company are slightly different, the color paste will also have a difference in viscosity. Therefore, the color table can only be used as a basic reference for color matching, the main hue must be understood carefully: red, green blue:

1. Red + blue purple yellow purple + blue olive orange

2. Blue + Yellow Green Red Green + Orange Lemon Purple Red

3. Yellow + Red Orange Blue Purple + Orange Red Brown Green


The more convenient method for unprofessional users is to directly call the company of the PVC supplier to help you adjust the color before purchasing the material. This saves a lot of work. Under normal circumstances, businesses are also willing to take responsibility.