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Protective mask
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What are the characteristics of plastic lenses in use?

2020-06-04 H:35:43

    Many friends believe that they have had the experience of wearing glasses, many of them are made of plastic lenses. The characteristics of this lens are very significant. First of all, it is relatively light in weight, which can prevent the nerves being suppressed because of putting too much pressure on the ears. Dongguan Shengyao-goggles manufacturer to share with you the relevant knowledge:


       In addition, the price of plastic lenses is much cheaper than that of other materials. Under the premise of affecting people's daily observation of things, the price is affordable, which helps more friends to experience realize its convenience.

       The plastic itself has a certain degree of flexibility, so it will be broken by accidentally falling on the ground, ensuring its stability safety. In addition, this lens is conducive to styling design, various styling adjustments changes can be made according to the actual needs of consumers, helping everyone gradually realize its uniqueness. The lens itself is relatively thin light, which makes the wearer very beautiful characteristic, is deeply respected trusted by people.

  Plastic lenses can be freely selected according to different styles colors. Many sunglasses also use its materials for reference selection to help you improve improve the fashion in daily decoration.=