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Is the future of the PVC flooring industry promising?

2020-05-18 H:42:54

Making up for shortcomings is an important task of supply-side structural reform. The term shortcoming comes the barrel effect theory. According to this theoretical analysis, the shortcomings that the PVC flooring industry should make up for are: breaking through the cage of the subdivision of the flooring industry boldly opening up the market. So how to develop the market of PVC flooring industry? Let's take a look with Dongguan Shengyao-protective mask manufacturer:

  To make up for the shortcomings is to make up for the worst part of the company's development process. The important factor that restricts the development of the PVC flooring industry even restricts the vision of PVC flooring practitioners is: PVC flooring belongs to the subdivision of the flooring industry, with few application scenarios small market scale. In the author’s opinion, the shortest piece of wood in the industry is due to the lack of application scenarios, but the practitioners’ cognition of the industry the macro-planning of the industry’s future development, subject to the influence of the predecessors of the industry, guarding the world of flooring segmentation. Making a fuss has led to too narrow predictions on the future development of the PVC industry. The author believes that only when practitioners have an objective comprehensive understanding of the true face of the industry, can they subjectively clarify the future development trend of the industry, formulate the future development strategy of the industry, open up more application scenarios for the PVC flooring industry allow more application scenarios Know, accept like to use PVC flooring.

  So, what is the current status real appearance of PVC flooring?

The main raw material of PVC flooring, polyvinyl chloride, is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly renewable resource, with high elasticity super impact resistance, comfortable foot feel; the wear-resistant layer of the floor surface has special anti-slip properties, the foot feels more astringent in the case of sticky water , It is easy to slip; the fireproof index can reach B1; the sound absorption can reach 20 decibels, it has a sound absorption effect that ordinary floor materials cannot match; the surface of the PVC floor is treated with special antibacterial treatment, which can kill most bacteria Ability ability to inhibit bacterial reproduction; tested by authoritative institutions, it has strong acid alkali corrosion resistance can withstand the test of harsh environments; most importantly, the PVC floor has strong plasticity, vivid diverse patterns, can be combined at will.

   this, we can conclude that PVC flooring has the characteristics of non-toxic, environmentally friendly, renewable, non-slip, more comfortable to the feet, strong antibacterial performance, acid alkali corrosion resistance, sound absorption, super plasticity compared to other materials. The author believes that the above characteristics are known to every practitioner, of course they only exist at the level of knowing, they have carried out a deeper exploration research on product advantages. The author believes that with the support of these features, it is sufficient to guarantee the following advantages of PVC flooring:

     Compared with other types of products, the quality is superior more competitive; the patterns styles are more vivid than other types of products, the application scenarios are wider than other types of products. Therefore, we can draw a conclusion the product performance: PVC flooring Compared with other types of flooring, it has a more ambitious bright development space.

   the perspective of product advantages, we have come to the conclusion that PVC flooring has a wide range of application scenarios broad space for future development. However, will the target audience accept this higher quality product? Can the audience accept the conclusion that PVC flooring has a wide range of application scenarios broad development space? Then, we now analyze this issue the perspective of cultural historical development.

   There is a distinctive feature of Chinese history culture-a strong eclectic absorbing ability. Chinese culture is aggressive, but it can absorb external forces blend with its own culture perfectly to form a more competitive culture.

   Precisely because of the ability to absorb digest in Chinese culture, after opening up, Shanghai Shenzhen can quickly grow expand in a short period of time. With the advancement of history, the ancient capitals of China, even the ancient civilizations of the world shining with wisdom, "have nothing but everyone." This set of comparisons tells us that no matter what brilliant achievements we have, if we blindly stick to outdated thinking, no longer absorb, change, evolve, we will be far surpassed marginalized.

   The current PVC floor is Shanghai after opening in 1943 Shenzhen, a special zone established in 1980. She is a piece of drawing paper, with strong plasticity that absorbs external forces that other types of floors do have, then perfectly integrates with itself, is inclusive. She can allow designers to trace beautiful pictures on it to meet the different needs of different consumers; She has superior quality advantages, non-toxic environmentally friendly, sound absorption, comfortable feet, antibacterial, corrosion resistance, which are enough to make her win more consumers such as the elderly children; win more application scenarios such as hospitals, laboratories, libraries; she With strong tolerance, it can carry out extensive in-depth cooperation with many industries such as education, tooling, home decoration, graphic design, children's entertainment, fitness.

   Next, let's analyze consumer demand. With the development of technology the popularization of the Internet, consumers are becoming more more willing to pursue individuality. For this reason, consumers are no longer satisfied with manufacturing companies to design products, but hope to use the Internet as a tool to transmit their ideas concepts to companies, allowing companies to develop produce their own needs according to their needs. The product. Consumer demand must lead to product diversification.

  After analyzing the products, cultural history, consumers, let's analyze the corporate case. The development of an era, the development of an industry, is always indispensable for the contributions of responsible, courageous, visionary people. The author thinks that after the PVC flooring practitioners have reached the basic consensus that customized flooring is the key to changing the status quo of the industry, after reaching the consensus that the development prospects of the PVC flooring industry are broad, the future of the PVC flooring industry must be promising!