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Protective mask
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What are the advantages of strengthening PVC printing film equipment?

2020-05-16 H:52:06

    What are the advantages of strengthening PVC printing film equipment? For those who are sure, let’s learn about it with Dongguan Shengyao-Protective Mask Manufacturer:

Yellow pvc transparent plastic

      1:Easy to operate, the cylinder is automatically compressed sealed, the yield is 100%.

  2: Strengthen the linear constant temperature heating method, circulating air heating, heat balance.

  3: Intelligent automatic temperature control system with small temperature difference.

  4: t is composed of various high-quality materials the design is reasonable.

  5: Automatic alarm power-off function, humanized design.

  6: High temperature resistant, high tear resistance silicon bed, durable.

  7: Save labor, time electricity. It can produce single-layer reinforced laminated PVC printing film, ordinary dry laminated PVC printing film, photo-enhanced laminated PVC printing film, color laminated PVC printing film, laminated PVC printing film, bulletproof PVC printing film, multi-layer laminated plastic PVC printing film, polycrystalline glass baking varnish PVC printing film, special-shaped laminated PVC printing film, dimming PVC printing film, decorative PVC printing film, car clip PVC printing film, heat transfer PVC printing film, PVC printing film corner protection, Porcelain plate, fabric reinforced PVC printing film, crystal photo in wedding photo studio, etc.