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Protective mask
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How to choose a cost-effective pet high temperature tape with different thickness?

2020-06-12 H:20:58

    To say that the application of pet high temperature tape is probably more used in industrial areas, mainly because of its high-quality characteristics, good formability, strong tensile force, friction resistance, high temperature resistance, solvent resistance, insulation, flame resistance. easy to break, strong adhesion, perfect packaging effect easy to loosen. So it is without reason to see them in most industries! Dongguan Shengyao-Protective masks goggles manufacturers to share with you:


     The main function of PET high temperature tape is to shield protect the working surface in high temperature environment, electroplating, electrophoresis, ultra-high temperature baking varnish, powder spraying the use of the original end electrode of the wafer. PET high temperature tape has good high temperature resistance solvent resistance, high adhesion, does leave any residue when tearing off the used PET high temperature tape.

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The thicker the high temperature tape, the higher the cost, so if the performance is all right, you should try to choose a thinner high temperature tape to reduce the cost. Second, the degree of high temperature resistance is different. The high temperature tape is composed of a substrate glue. The thicker the base material will generally be thicker, so it can withstand higher temperatures, so if you have higher temperature requirements, you may choose a thicker high-temperature tape.

      Third, the viscosity is different. A thicker high-temperature tape will be more viscous, because it is coated with more glue, so it is more viscous. However, there is a special case that the thicker the better. When the high-temperature tape is pasted on a right-angled surface, you should choose a thinner one, because if the high-temperature tape is too thick, the higher the tension, the easier it will be. The thinner high temperature tape does have such a high tension, it will have better adherence.