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What is the cause of aging of PVC film?

2020-06-08 H:26:30

No matter what product it is, it will definitely change after we use it for a long time. For example, after our tape has aged, the use effect will be so good. We must take some measures to extend the service life of the product. Then, let’s talk to Dongguan Shengyao-Protective Mask PVC Plastic Film Manufacturers to find out what causes the aging of PVC film?

1. Oxygen, because the oxygen content in the air accounts for 21%, oxygen has the characteristics of accelerating the oxidation of substances, it is very active, forming the rapid oxidation of the pet film, then causing the pet film to become "old".

2. Ultraviolet rays (sunlight). Ultraviolet rays have high temperature characteristics that can quickly differentiate viscous substances. Pet films exposed to sunlight for a long time will be differentiated by them, resulting in pet film aging.

3. Metal, especially brass rust, any organic compound substance in daily life can react with metal, especially brass rust, pet film contains organic compounds, which will cause pet film to deteriorate. .

4. Bleaching agent, the main component of which is calcium oxide, which contains calcium elements that can react with organic compounds.

5. Plasticizers, whose main function is to soften plastics, most rubber products contain plasticizers. As time changes, the proportion of plasticizers in their substances will increase, resulting in the aging of pet film Wait. Under the long-term influence of the above various factors, the pet film will deteriorate, soften, solidify, lose its viscosity.

The above points are the reasons for the aging of pvc film. We will stop here today. If you want to know more information, please visit our website to learn more.