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How much do you know about PET materials?

2021-01-14 H:53:55

PET, is polyethylene terephthalate, commonly known as polyester resin, is a crystalline saturated polyester.

           It is milky white  light yellow, highly crystalline polymer, smooth  glossy surface, creep resistance, fatigue resistance, wear resistance  dimensional stability, small wear  high hardness, with the largest toughness in thermoplastic plastics; good electrical insulation, small temperature, but poor corona resistance. 

           Non-toxic, climate resistant, anti-chemical stability, low water absorption, weak acid resistance  organic solvents, but  hot water immersion,  alkali resistance. It can be used for advertising printing, plastic packaging, stationery decoration  so on.




      Advantages of PET materials: high rigidity, high temperature dimensional stability, high temperature color stability, creep resistance, good surface gloss, easy coloring, low cost


      PET is a safe food-grade plastic, in the choice of food plastic packaging materials, PET is the best choice, followed by the PP.


      Sunyo PET blister packaging passed ASTM,RoHS,EN71,REACH  other quality certificate testing,  only high quality, affordable, but also very environmental protection, we will be your best choice of plastic packaging products!


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