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Protective mask
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Can children face shield play a good role in protection?

2021-01-21 H:32:36

Can children face shield play a good role in protection? There are still a lot of friends who have doubts about this problem. Here are the following answer:


The answer is: there is no doubt that the function of children protective face shield is the same as that of adult protective face shield, so its existence is valuable  meaningful.


School is a more complex social system, although students are free to move in the school-defined activity area.But after school, children will inevitably come into contact with a variety of people, no one can guarantee that they are  infected by the virus.Therefore, in order to avoid  reduce risks, it is necessary for students to do a good job of protection.



Now, Sunyo company has developed different types of anti-fog Face shield with quality assurance. Our products PET Anti-fog Face shield are correspond to EU standards REACH, EN71, PAHS,  got the certificates. We also have got CE  FDA registration number.


Most importantly,our face shield can guarantee good quality, but also very cost-effective.


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