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Protective mask
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Good idea for furniture decoration

2021-12-15 H:45:22

With the introduction of a series of ecological concepts about low-carbon life, low-carbon economy low-carbon world, people's requirements for home environment are getting increasing. Before this, the surface of furniture panel is the technology that uses paint to brighten all the time. This process will only produce pungent paint smell for a long time can be dispersed, these harmful substances will cause great damage to human health. What’s more, the price of the furniture panel that produces by this kind of craft is high, is resistant to scratch,  play the effect of pest control.



Sunyo plastic newly developed PETG environmental protection furniture decoration panel has the functions  wear, aging, odor, moisture to pest control.The surfaces of the PETG decorative panel have different features: One side has scratch-resistant, high gloss, matte skin feeling characteristics, which only can make the user feel fresh visually, but also easy to clean.The other side has the frosted surface to make it easier to adhere to the original wood.



Sunyo plastic PETG decorative panel is flexible with strong impact resistance. The edge is smooth during laser mold cutting carving, without being serrated cracked, can be cold resistant to minus 40 degrees. 


Sunyo PETG panel is the preferred decorative material for cabinets, wardrobes.The price is reasonable, the color is diversified, the size can be customized.


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