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Protective mask


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Protective mask
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Cooling weather ,control Novel Coronavirus epidemic prevention

2020-12-19 H:25:44

     Cooling weather control Novel Coronavirus epidemic prevention

December 19, 2020 Recently, sichuan, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Xinjiang Dalian have reported a number of confirmed local cases asymptomatic cases. Hong Kong has also rebounded, the daily number of new cases is still fluctuating at a high level. The situation of epidemic prevention control is grim.As temperatures drop, the risk of COVID-19 entering the country through overseas contaminated goods, including cold chain foods, increases significantly.Citizens must purchase frozen food through regular channels, continue to keep good practices such as frequent hand washing, frequent ventilation, separate chopsticks social distance, persist in wearing masks in densely populated poorly ventilated places, so that masks Face Shield will become your "standard".

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