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What is the correct bonding method for PVC pipe fittings?

2020-05-18 H:36:59

What is the correct bonding method for PVC pipe fittings? Friends who are clear Dongguan Shengyao-Protective Mask, Transparent Mask, Goggles Manufacturers, take a look:

  1. Before bonding pipes fittings, wipe the socket side the outside of the socket with a dry cloth. When there is oil on the surface, wipe it with acetone.

2. The pipe section should be flat, vertical to the pipe axis chamfered; the insertion markings should be drawn trial insertion should be done before bonding. The trial insertion depth can only be inserted to 1/3 to 1/2 of the original depth. When the gap is too large, the bonding method is strictly prohibited.

3. When applying adhesive, apply the inside of the socket first, then the outside of the socket. When applying the socket, apply a proper amount evenly the inside to the outside along the axial direction. Do miss overspread (200g/m2).

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4. After the adhesive is applied, the applied external force should be kept unchanged within 1 minute to keep the straightness position of the interface correct.

5. After the bonding is completed, wipe off the excess adhesive in time, do apply force force loading during the curing time.

6. The bonding joint shall be constructed in rain water, shall be operated below 5°C.

7. Connection procedure: preparation→cleaning working surface→test insertion→brushing adhesive→bonding→maintenance.